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We teach beginning, intermediate and
advanced students
(7-year-old and up).  
Students need to know how to swim and be
comfortable in the ocean and waves (i.e. you
cannot be afraid of putting your head under
water).  Most of our students are beginners
and are able to surf after just a few lessons.

A typical beginner lesson includes about
30 minutes of theory and practice on the beach
(water safety, surf etiquette, pop-up and dive
techniques, etc.) and one full hour in the water.  
We provide a soft board, wetsuit and booties
(if needed).  All you need to bring is sunscreen,
a towel and a bathing suit.
Surf lesson at Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California. Surfing L.A. Surf School, the best way to learn how to surf in the L.A. area.
We teach 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  
Please note that lessons are always
tide-dependent, i.e. the tide has to be right,
so does the wave size. If the waves are too
big or too small, we have to reschedule the
lesson.  Surf is best in the
early morning.  
Later in the day, the wind usually comes up
and kills the surf.  
Let us know what day(s)
you want to take a lesson and we will tell
you what time is best.
Surf lesson at Sunset beach, Pacific Palisades, California. Surfing L.A. Surf School, the best way to learn how to surf in Los Angeles.
We offer private and semi-private lessons.  We believe the teacher-student ratio is crucial to your
learning, so we limit the class to a small number of students. Ask friends to join you and form your own
group class, or just join a class that we are putting together.

Private lessons offer individual instruction. Your progress is closely monitored.  We provide you with
frequent and immediate feedback after each wave you ride.  For safety reasons, we ask that all children
under 14 enroll in a private lesson as we strongly feel they need constant supervision while in the water.
Private lessons are also best for intermediate and advanced students.   A private lesson is $165 for one

Semi-private lessons consist of 2 to 4 students.  We see many couples, mom & daughter(s) team, and
dad & son(s) team choosing this option.  A semi-private lesson is $100 per person.
Surf lesson at Zuma beach, Malibu, California. Surfing L.A. Surf School, the best way to learn how to surf in Los Angeles.
Surfing is an amazing and thrilling sport.  If you have reasonable athletic abilities, we will get you surfing!

And remember that you can
learn in one or two lessons what would take you over 3 months to learn on
your own.  Taking a lesson makes a huge difference. It prevents bad habits from forming. It gives you the
tools to practice by yourself. It makes you a better surfer as you will learn the rules and etiquette of
surfing. Book your lesson today!
Surfing L.A. Surf School, Malibu, California
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